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Hawaii Provisions (Honey, Macadamia Nuts…)


  • Macadamia Nuts – Treat yourself to a true island delicacy with our sweet, buttery macadamia nuts!
  • Island Coffee – Experience the rich, earthy flavors of Kona; the vibrant, flora aromas of Wailua; or a decadent variety of island flavors!
  • Pancake Mix – Start your day with fluffy, golden pancakes made from our delicious mix! Enjoy classic original pancakes, or let the Hawaiian flavors of coconut, guava, lilikoi (passionfruit), or pineapple melt in your mouth.
  • Raw Honey – Enjoy the golden majesty of pure, raw honey from the Big Island! Our honey comes in two varieties; Lehua and Kiawe.

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Chef Ignacio

Chef Ignacio is the founder and innovator of Hawaii Provisions. He grew up learning traditional hunting from his German Apache grandfather and cooking from his Sicilian grandfather and Spanish grandmother. His goal is to instill a sense of respect and tradition into his foods while educating diners on the unique wonders of local Hawaiian fare. He likes to blend traditional Hawaiian foods with the best international cooking techniques and has traveled the world searching for the best meals to replicate and share with his community.

Why Hawaii Provisions?

Hawaii Provisions is about breathing true island authenticity into the world and living in a relationship of aloha with the land and the sea. Hawaii is a special place with a wealth of incredible goods to offer the world. Hawaii Provisions aims to share that wealth and spread the spirit of aloha in every aspect of life.


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